“What is your creative outlet?”

The mind-bending question that the president and chief creative officer of my former ad agency once asked me.  She may not realize how often I think about that question and how much her asking affected me.

I had to think about it.  When you work at an ad agency, creativity is all around.  Artists, writers, designers.  It’s easy to get lost in all that artistry, especially when you don’t consider yourself an “artist.”

So, I really had to think about it.  In my mind, I thought “I’m not an artist!  I can’t draw or paint or design.”  But then I realized that’s not what she was asking.  She wanted to know how I get inspired, what gets my brain working.  My answer then…”Food.  I love to cook.”

My answer now…not so different.  I still love to cook.  But I find inspiration in many things.  Food…travel…music…literature.

Sometimes we all need to unwind.  To let go of daily stress, find peace, be creative and just have fun.  That’s what this blog is about.  Finding – and embracing – the things that inspire, the things that allow us to enjoy the life we’re given.

Hope you enjoy.


Arc de Triomphe

In Paris at the Arc de Triomphe