Zoe goes to the park


65 degrees on January 30.  A welcome reprieve from the perpetual cold we Southerners aren’t used to.  Even with a bum left foot (high heels + cuffed pants + stairs + gravity = no bueno), I decided to take Zoe to the park.

All I need to do is pull Zoe’s harness and leash out of the closet and she knows something wonderful is about to happen.  Spinning around, jumping, more spinning.  It’s time to go!

We make our way over to Freedom Park.  With no trepidation, Zoe hops from the car and takes off, nearly giving me whiplash on her way to greet the first human or canine that comes along.  If she had a tail it would be wagging wildly, but her giant eyes and endless energy give her away.  Off we go…

It’s as if all of Charlotte has come out to enjoy the sun and warmth. Kids on the jungle gym.  Families kicking a soccer ball.  Dogs being walked.  Bikes being ridden.  Jogging.  Walking.  Napping.  Picnicing.

Countless shiny pink bikes with glittery tassels, being ridden for the first time since Santa left them under the tree.  Lots of training wheels and more than a few tears shed over the fear of riding a bike for the first time.

Zoe and I do two laps around the pond.  She has an amusing interlude with a goose (I don’t think I’ve ever heard a goose hiss before).  I just enjoy the people-watching.  What a blessed, beautiful day.  Zoe and I eventually make our way back to car and head home for a nap, because that’s what Sunday afternoons are for.


One thought on “Zoe goes to the park

  1. And what a great day it was! Very nice post Heather. Ame and I spent the weekend at the White Water Center doing some mountain biking and zip lining. Zoe rules, as does the new blog. Violet digs it too!

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